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  5. "latha math agus sìde mhath"

"latha math agus sìde mhath"

Translation:a good day and good weather

January 3, 2020



This sounds nothing like what is written. The same goes for the same sentence elsewhere in the exercise. It's the same speaker. The only chance we have of getting it right is to memorise the words and regurgitate them


yeah the latha here definitely sounded like it started with a 'v'! Was confusing as bha or mhath didn't make sense in the sentence


What a shame. ... my experience is different - I got this right! I've been repeatedly practising levels 1 and 2 of the course, sometimes without reading the screen, and trying to make sentences myself, so maybe I've grown used to the different voices.


I had the same problems initially, but after a while doing this, I'm learning to hear the Gaelic sounds. There seems to be only a loose relationship between what the sound of the written letter is in English and the sound of the written letter in Gàidhlig. Additionally, the lenited sounds have been awfully hard for me to develop an ear for. I play the sentences over and over once I know what they mean until I feel I can hear the differences. shrug I hope that helps.


I didn't think latha is pronounced with a "v" so like like rebekah just regurgitate , not learn


I hear at the beginning, Vahn yah .....


Definiely a tricky one, I heard the first word as 'va'...


The first sound is very queer: after listening to it several times I still hewr a "v" sound, although it wouldn't make sense, but not a "l" sound.


This speaker is so difficult to understand. I totally understand the value of exposure to different dialects/pronunciation, but my goodness.


Came here to ask the same question.


I agree. This does not sound right. This elderly speaker can be hard to understand. But still, she is NOT saying the "L" sound for "latha." It sounds like she is saying a "V" sound at the beginning of the first word. This needs fixing!


What about, "là math agus sìde mhath"? It didn't accept it.


Was it a type what you hear exercise? Là is listed in the accepted translations but there are a couple of types of exercise where this doesn’t work. We have it in the works to make sure là is accepted for all but it needs to be done as part of a wider batch of changes.


Admittedly the 'latha' here sounds more like a bha


I may be wrong but I think lá is the Irish for latha


Yes, that first consonant is not an l. It sounds like a v to me too.


Ok but if side is feminine then why is it an t-side?


This sound "vaa" rather than "laa" for the word latha - if reported a year ago and still not changed then???

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