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Possibility to remove a language from our learning list?

The question is horribly formulated, sorry about that. ^^

For the record, I am currently using Duolingo to learn Italian and Spanish.

About half a dozen times now, my mouse has wandered on the flag icon as I was trying to click something, and the roll-list for language learning selection appeared just as I clicked. I got lucky a few times and selected Spanish or Italian, but last week my mouse was over German, and fifteen minutes ago, on French.

It's not a big issue in itself, however now I have the learning tabs for German and French, plus the Level 1 trophies for both.

Problem is, I am a native French speaker, and I don't want to give the impression that I'm using French to boost my point count (people can verify all that pretty easily, I'm conscious of it, but still).

I would like to remove French from my learning languages, if possible of course.

Also, is there any possibility to have that automatic roll-down menu not show the languages we are not learning unless we press "More..."?

Thanks a lot!

April 28, 2013



There is currently no option to drop a language, but that feature will likely be added in the future. You don't have to worry about gaining points in your native language. Your knowledge is actually very valuable as you are able to check the quality of the lessons and to help other people with their language questions. I personally don't care that much about coins. I know for myself how much I've achieved and I'm glad there are natives with big stacks of coins to help me out.


Yeah, I'd like to drop the languages I'll not study for now and focus only in French. Also since it's a bit awkward that from my fellow friends point-of-view from Brazil (my fatherland) I "only" know English, because only the English badge is only visible from Portuguese speakers.

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