tết năm 2020

Vietnam is famous for its several holiday and festival, especially Tet holiday. It takes place from the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar until at least the third day. Although occurring in short period of time, it is believed to be the most important and popular holiday in Vietnam. There are many special food are made so as to prepare for Tet meal such as: sticky square cake, Vietnamese sausage, sticky rice and jam. The food is thought to reflect Vietnam’s habit and custom as well as Vietnamese’s lifestyle. Besides, the meal has other dishes like fish, vegetable to show the hope for a successful and prosperous new year. In term of customs, children’s receiving red envelop from the elder, visiting relative’s houses and going to church are popular activities. Giving lucky money is thought to bring children hope and health. Church is the symbol of peace; therefore, individual go there and pray for successive year. Traditionally, the house is designed with peach flower in the North and Ochna integerrima in the south part of Vietnam. Besides, the house as well as town are clear, decorative and beautiful as all are ready to start a new year. People have cozy atmosphere and enjoy joyful time with their family’s members. It’s high time for people living at different parts of country gathering and spending time together. Tet is a chance for one to come back home after many stress and pressure of studying and working environment. Tet is not simply a holiday, it is culture and habit of Vietnamese since its deep meaning is sacred and important. All in all, Tet includes not only joy but also long-standing event in people’s soul as it helps one grow up through experience.

January 4, 2020

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this year tet is very special.Why ? bởi vì muốn có mọt năm ntn thì 101 năm mới có 1 lần examples:2020:2121 2121-2020=101 vậy 101 năm mới có mọt năm ntn

cũng khá đặc biệt, nghỉ dài v cơ mà :))

2020 chứ sửa nha ^_^


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ko bt mn có đc nghỉ corona ko

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