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Level 3 in Latin

I cannot find a way to reach level three in Latin. Got my trophy but now I'm stuck. Anyone help?

January 4, 2020



You are at level 5 on all of the 22 Latin skills. (Congratulations!) That is as far as the course goes. Now all you can do is use the blue practice icon at the lower left of the tree page, or use the individual-skill practice (dumbbell) icons on your duome page. . . . Unless I've misunderstood you.

How did you like the course?


Aha! Just when I was getting a wee bit confident. Sorry that the course is over at level 5. I really enjoyed it. Thanks.


The developers/maintainers of the course are planning to add to it, they say, but it won't be ready right away, as Jon786634 said. Nowadays there's quite a bit of Latin available online if you wish to continue with it while you are waiting. Maybe not as enjoyable as Duolingo but better than stopping.

I really enjoyed the course too.

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The course is in “beta”. It’s a sort of preliminary trial. Eventually they will add more content but there’s no timeline on that.


Thanks, Jon. Hope they continue it soon.

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