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  5. "It is so cold in Finland."

"It is so cold in Finland."

Translation:Tha i cho fuar anns an Fhionnlainn.

January 4, 2020



When is it anns and when is it ann? Tried to look through my books for the rule for the past 15mn and I can't find the straight answer, merely a few examples of the variation!


Unfortunately, a wee mistake was made in Tree 1 so the answer reads as "Tha i cho fuar ann am Fionnlainn.".

The correct translation of this sentence is "Tha i cho fuar anns an Fhionnlainn."

Finland is An Fhionnlainn in Gaelic, and not 'Am Fionnlainn'. Sorry for the confusion, but both will be accepted here, and it will be fixed in Tree 2 :)


I am not finding where this word "anns" was ever taught. I recall that we were taught only "ann an" or "ann am." Where does "anns" come up in any lesson Tips?


Okay... I HAD that as what I typed, and was told I had a load of typos and that it should be: "Tha i cho fuar ann am Fionnlainn." And now I'm REALLY confused, because I'd tried so hard to learn this with the anns an (because it's technically The Finland).


A) Tha i cho fuar ann am Fionnlainn... Duo's answer on the question page. B) Tha i cho fuar anns an Fhionnlainn... Duo's answer at the top of this comments page. You will note that three of the seven words are different. I think B is correct but I do make mistakes!


I dont get why it's anns an, when this hasn't been taught??


LyndaParks1, I so agree with you! These articles are tricky enough for us English speakers, without slipping in yet another article without explanation.


I was surprised and pleased that the course teaches the word for Finland in the previous sentence. Now I know why. XD

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