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"Tha Calum ann an Obar Dheathain fhathast."

Translation:Calum is still in Aberdeen.

January 4, 2020



Glitchy audio, reported.


Thanks! Will have a look.


Why not "Calum is in Aberdeen still?"


I can never remember how to spell obar .... the letters are just so different to how it sounds, or rather they just don'tsound... can anyone give me any tips??


This might help: "p" and "b" are made in the exact same way with your mouth--it's just that "p" is voiceless and "b" is voiced. (Put a couple of fingers on your voicebox and say "p" and "b" a few times--the difference will be obvious.) In English, we frequently switch voiceless and voiced consonants without even realizing: for instance we might pronounce "laid" like "late" in the middle of a sentence without noticing. If that's not the problem, let me know (and if possible say what you tend to spell it as) and I'll see if I can explain it differently. :)


I think it was actually the silent bits of obar dheathain, so more the dheathain bit, I couldn't remember the consonants. Now 5 months on it's not as much of a problem. But very interesting about the voiced and voiceless consonants,

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