So I know the basics of Arabic, I can read, write and pronounce it and understand it. But I’m not a pro or anything, it’s actually really easy to learn if you already know Farsi Pashto Urdu and other languages like that. I just wanna know the difference between the different dialects. Every Arab country like Syria, Egypt and uae etc have a different dialect. How are they differentiated, is it the pronunciation or the grammar? And which one do you think would me most helpful to learn

January 4, 2020


My personal advice would be to consider which dialects youre most likely to interact with instead of picking the largest population.

Egyptian is a popular choice because of its huge population and movies. But personally where I live more than 90% of Arabs are from the levant and I only know a handful of Egyptians so even thought I love Egyptian it made more sense to learn Levant arabic for me. As you engage with more content online youre going to notice a lot of social media posts where people basically write exactly how they talk. If you learn a different dialect from your friends and acquaintances, theyll be able to understand you but you will have to put in a lot of work before youll be able to understand them.

The main differences between dialects are the pronunciation of certain letters and vocabulary. The "big words" like the words for constitution, agreement, government etc are usually the same between dialects, but the every day words and expressions like "whats up", "shoe," "tomato," "how are you, im fine" etc will be different.

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much! Yes that really did help! I wanted to learn Arabic because I like it, I live in Canada so there’s no local Arab population near by. I think will go with the Egyptian dialect as it is so popular! This was really helpful, شكرا لك


And in that case do whatever interests you. Egypt has a really rich culture and you will find a lot of cool stuff. The only negative for learners is that Egyptians talk really fast!

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