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Scots Gaelic Dictionary


Just thought I would pass this on.

I am profoundly deaf and thusly can't use the audio gizmos on DL. Any language I do (just 2 for now!) I try to locate a dictionary that has phonetc spelling included. To this end I have found the following dictionary to be most useful for this course:

'Gaelic Gold' (Steaphan MacRisnidh). Fairly inexpensive too.

I have been using it since late November & find it invaluable.

Just thought I'd pass it on.



January 4, 2020



Here's link to a web based one with phonetic spelling for the main word look-up. Additionally it provides example sentences an expressions, but then without phonetics. https://learngaelic.scot/dictionary/index.jsp#


One more thing: I guess this resource is nice for helping you to lip-read as you have video of the speaker, including close-up: https://learngaelic.net/sounds/index.jsp


I have this link & need to use it more. As I use the DL app more rhan the computer a book/ dictionary is much essier. But I do need to be reminded of this link.

FYI ... Lip reading is an art form. There is a difference between two accents of the same language (eg English & American). You literally have to 'learn' the accents in order to understand the different lip movements ... oh joy! ;)


A pleasure!


I've started using this dictionary quite a lot. As real beginner, it's very helpful to see a word, have a go at pronouncing it, then click the icon to see how close I was!


Thx this will be very useful for me and many others!


There's also another book I use which helps for the pronounciation of Gaelic words in general. For example 'Epenthetic (Helping) vowels' where a vowel is pronounced inbetween consonants but not written (cheeky Scots ;) ).

The book is:

'Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks' by Roibeard O'Maolalaigh & Iain MacAonghus. Word of advice ... take a little longer than 12 weeks ... :D

It's working very well (for me) in conjunction with the DL course.

Slàinte agus sealbh mhath!



I've also bought "Everyday Gaelic" by Morag MacNeill. It has a whole bunch of words and phrases, some of which make me laugh out loud, but also have a nice phonetic pronunciation too which is handy if you're reading it in bed and don't want to wake the other half with your audio files!



I'll check that out.

Does it have phonetic translation?


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