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What Kind of Arabic is on Duolingo?

Does anyone know what type of Arabic Duolingo is teaching? I was going to download an Arabic keyboard to my computer but there are tons of types. I don't know how vastly each of them differ, and I really don't want to download every Arabic keyboard (Kuwait, Egpytian, Iraq, etc) just to figure out which one I'm learning here. Any insight would be helpful! Thank you!

January 4, 2020




As far as keyboards, I'm using the Saudi one in Windows and it's served me well, as all the diacritics are there.


Okay! Thank you! I appreciate the help!


Also, I had to create a spreadsheet that has the keyboard layout with all the Arabic equivalent letters and diacritics, like kasra and fatha are shift a and shift q or something like that. I have to refer to the spreadsheet when I'm trying to type Arabic.


The kind of Arabic that is on duolingo is MSA

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