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"مَكْتَب اَلْأُسْتاذ في باريس."

Translation:The professor's office is in Paris.

January 4, 2020



How would you say "The professor's office in Paris" (suppose he had a few)?


the context would tell, because "The professor's office in Paris" isn't a complete sentence, so you would assume that to make the sentence in Arabic incomplete, the term after "Alustath" must be definite (like an adjective would). But since it is what we call "pseudo sentence" of "Fi Paris" then you must prefix it with "Allathi" So it becomes: مَكْتَب اَلْأُسْتاذ الّذي في باريس
Roughly translates to: The professor's office (which is) in Paris


I made the same mistake. We have had to translate incomplete sentences before...

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