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"Bokor wants to meet the emperor."

Translation:voDleH qIH neH boqor.

January 4, 2020



It seems like 《voDleH qIH boqor 'e' neH 》 or even without the 'e' would be preferred as it puts the actual subject earlier and makes it clearer that what is desired is for Bokor to meet the emporer.


You generally can't use 'e' with neH.

I agree that you can say voDleH qIH boqor neH, however the qIH and neH are so close together I don't think there's any significant cognitive difference.

More troublesome is the homophony of neH want and neH merely, only. voDleH qIH neH boqor can also mean Bokor merely meets the emperor, and voDleH qIH boqor neH can also mean Only Bokor meets the emperor. Ideally, you'd include a pronoun to make this unambiguous:

voDleH qIH boqor neH ghaH
Bokor wants to meet the emperor

The course contributors tend to be a little too quick to drop pronouns, leading to vague sentences.

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