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  5. "Tha dà eala agad."

"Tha eala agad."

Translation:You have two swans.

January 4, 2020



So no lenition due to the vowels here, is that how it works?


Yes, vowels don’t lenite. There are grammar notes for the course to help with these things too but it’s browser version only.


You can get to the notes from your phone's web browser though; go to http://duolingo.com and log in.


Ach, chan urrainn dhomh ithe ach aon a-mhàin


It keeps telling me this is the wrong answer!


This is an odd pronounciation of eala. Am Faclair Beag gives the pronounciation as /jaLə/. I've also heard the word in the song "An Eala Bhan", and you can distinctly hear the initial "ja". This pronounciation sounds like the American name Ella.


I'm pretty sure it's a dialectal thing, but aside from an old paper (which mentioned that certain dialects, in the South maybe?, break vowels into those kinda sounds, but that others don't), I've not found anything talking about it.

There really isn't that much at all about the pronunciations of different Gaelic dialects/accents that I've been able to find.


That's really a shame, because a book on that would be really helpful to learners. Most of the speakers in this course have pretty similar pronounciations, so it's not too hard to figure out what they're saying.

One of the speakers, though, is from Eriskay, and her pronounciation is so different from all the others that I have a hard time understanding anything she says. It does seem to be getting easier with time, so maybe by the end of the course I'll be able to understand the Eriskay dialect.


How come there is no pluralisation? There are two after all


Two is considered singular in Gaelic. You won't see pluralization until you get to three.

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