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  5. "It is sunny and cold."

"It is sunny and cold."

Translation:Tha i grianach agus fuar.

January 4, 2020



"Tha i grianach agus fuar" and "Tha e grianach agus fuar" are both acceptable. Is there a time, in the context of weather, when only "i" or "e" is acceptable?


Sunny can be spelt with or without an h after the g I think. My house is called Airidh Ghrianach


That's what is known as lenition. You need the 'h' in the phrase 'Àiridh Ghrianach' because àiridh is a feminine noun. Feminine nouns make adjectives lenite (ie add an 'h'). You don't need it in the above example because it is being used in isolation. Hope that helps! :)


What does 'Àiridh Ghrianach' mean? 'Àiridh' seems to have several different meanings when I google it.


One meaning fir Àiridh that could be relevant: a bothy, a summer residence


So "Tha i grianach agus blath" but "Tha i grianach ach chan eil i blath", ie the pronoun is required if the second part of the phrase is a negative?

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