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Anyone else here because of Outlander? :D

I've always felt a huge tie to Scotland and its culture, but watching that show put me over the edge wanting to learn Gaelic. Then Duolingo announced it was adding it and completely disrupted my French lessons lol

Anyone else here because of Red Jamie?

January 4, 2020



I had never heard of Outlander until I started learning SG here. Now I'm watching it and I wish there were more Gaelic spoken in it.


Fàilte ort! I have never watched Outlander, but I have no doubt it has help raised the language's profile.


I love how you made the course but you're only level 7 lmao


Haha, very true! As much as I love the course I rarely get a chance to look at it from the user end!


No, but I love that show. I'm learning because I have Scots heritage. Last time we visited my cousins in Edinburgh we traveled all through the Highlands and I saw a lot of Gaelic signs and heard people speaking it. I was intrigued to learn it! We also toured Doune Castle, where they filmed a bit of Outlander :)


Well... I actually started studying Scottish Gaelic on here a few weeks ago as soon as I saw they added it. Then last night I started watching Outlander with my gf. I wanted to watch it in French, but I agreed to watch the first episode in English due to the cool accents. Then we find out they speak a lot of Scots Gaelic in there, and I was so happy and excited. Now my gf won't let us watch it in French because I already got the Gaelic! LOL! It's a good show, and I HAVE to keep watching it for the Gaelic. It's motivating me to do more Gaelic lessons. :)

I just always thought Gaelic was interesting. I tried a little Irish but it was too hard. I find Scottish easier and more attractive. I played Dark Age of Camelot when I was 14, and I guess that's where I first got to see a lot of Gaelic names and such. They have a race in there called Highlander. :)


I'm a massive minority/regional/small languages enthusiast (I'm trying to learn all of the goidelic ones too!) and it makes me so happy that something so well known can promote a small language.

I haven't watched Outlander but I'm a big Maria Doyle Kennedy fan so I know most of the stuff from her, lol!


I started Scots Gaelic a couple of weeks ago on a whim - since Netflix started showing "Outlander" this past spring, I've become obsessed with both the show and the books upon which it is based. At first I only intended to "play" with the course for a day or so just to get a taste of the language, but found it so delightful that I've decided to keep it up. Maybe there should be an Outlander "skill" that one could pay lingots to access :-)


Ah, you must be American, lol.


Oh, yeah.

I plan to go back and view the first season and find out what they are all saying behind Claire's back.

If they are just discussing the weather or latest football scores, I will be so disappointed!

I am also of Scottish heritage. From Clan Irvine in Aberdeen.

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