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  5. "I usually appraise the gems."

"I usually appraise the gems."

Translation:Gemmas aestimare soleo.

January 4, 2020



Why not 'estimare soleo gemmas'?


The infinitive is written correctly as "aestimare" with "ae" at the beginning. :)


Is 'soleo aestimare gemmas' wrong?


Word order in Latin is flexible. Since all of the grammatical information is contained in the word forms (verb conjugation, noun declension, etc), it's possible to reorder the words of a sentence and still have an unambiguous meaning. This is unlike English and most other modern spoken languages which rely on word order (SVO in English) to communicate the same information. That said, there are conventions of word order in Latin which make it sound more natural. One of those conventions is essentially SOV (subject-object-verb) word order, where the verb goes at the end of the sentence. So while the sentence is grammatically correct, and communicates all of the necessary information, putting the verb first in the sentence is not "natural" or "conventional" Latin. If it was marked wrong for you, that may be why.


Im curious about the word soleo here: the multiple choice translation given for soleo is "usually," which is an adverb in English. Here it seems to act like a modal verb, conjugated in the firat person with aestimare in the infinitive. Could a more accurate translation of soleo then be "i am accustomed to" + inf? Thanks for any wisdom from Mods or other experts...

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