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  5. "An toil leat fhèin IRN BRU?"

"An toil leat fhèin IRN BRU?"

Translation:Do you yourself like IRN BRU?

January 4, 2020



Nobody says "do you yourself like", (except maybe Gaelic speakers )


"Do you like Irn Bru yourself?" Is more likely how it may be interpreted in my eyes as I know questions directed at an individual can sometimes be asked, from my upbringing at least. However is not common.


This is either a poor translation or a poor example sentence

[deactivated user]

    what's the deal with fhein? Looking it up it's supposed to mean "own" or indicate ownership, but then you have usages like "math fhein" where it seems to act like a general intensifier, and even in places where it's technically being used in its "own" meaning, like here, it's acting to mark a greater intensity of feeling.


    Yeah it’s basically an intensifier meaning “itself / self”.

    Sgoinneil fhèin - really brilliant / brilliant itself


    This (female) speaker says doil leat rather than the toil leat the others use. It would be helpful to know which region pronounces it like this


    "You" and "yourself " are used redundantly here.

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