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  5. "I am seeing a staircase."

"I am seeing a staircase."

Translation:Tha mi a' faicinn staidhre.

January 4, 2020



staidhre ~ staighre

Another subtle spelling difference that will drive me insane. 8)


tha mi a' faicinn staidhre is - I am seeing A staircase. "an staidhre" would be THE staircase. But the previous translation was tha mi ann an eaglais - for which I answered, in THE church, but that was wrong - the answer was A church There will be a very simple grammatical rule behind this, but I have not twigged it yet.


Experiencing the same headache and thinking it's to do with 'ann an ...' as opposed to 'an ...'. I've given up trying to figure out the 'why' and am just accepting the way it is. Looking forward to one day going, "Ahh, I see!" :)


ann an eaglais > in a church

anns an eaglais > in the church

Subtle, but different. It'll probably be covered in the next update of the course :)


It's already covered in the section titled "Countries"

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