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"His sister is an energetic young woman."

Translation:He wahine ʻōpio ʻeleu kona kaikuahine.

January 4, 2020


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It wouldn't take Tita for sister either time I tried.


I was given the choices "He wahine 'ōpio 'eleu kona kaikuahine" and "He wahine 'ōpio 'eleu kona tita." The only difference between these two choices are the words kaikuahine and tita. I chose the option with tita, and it was marked incorrect.

THE VERY NEXT QUESTION used "tita" to mean "sister". So why are there two options with the same meaning? And why is only one of them accepted?

I've reported this issue, but didnt have the space to elaborate on the problem. Maybe someone can explain to me why I'm wrong, or maybe the contributors will be able to see exactly why I've reported. Thanks, everyone.


Inconsistency between contributors is the problem


I logged in to the discussion page with EXACTLY that same question!


Yeah, i was wondering the same thing. Is the a reason they were in the particular order? Is there a rule for it? It it just the opposite order that they are in English?


Not doing at all well. I put ‘ he wahine 'eleu 'opio kona tita’. I’ve read the forum but don’t feel I really am convinced or understand either the order of ‘Eleuthera ‘opio nor the use of tita.

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