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Writing in arabic

I dont think everyone has an arabic keyboard making it unfai and also i speak arabic because i am an arab and i dont understand why they have number in their its very confusing and i think it dosent help people who want to learn

January 4, 2020



no .... not all people have an arabic keyboard such, in computer ............ and some people learn arabic with lot language so they don't want learn arabic perfectly ..... only because it is language and they have more culture ... so they not have a keyboard because they not bay an arabic language ..... ((It is in my opinion)) ...............................BD


I don't think I have encountered in my time with the Arabic lessons a need for an arabic keyboard, just English keyboard. I installed one only on my phone so that I can type what I have learned to my Arab speaking partner.


Use Google check your settings; I added Arabic, French and Greek . My default language is American English. However be aware that there are several languages for French and Arabic depending where you live in the world. I like the Levantine dialect instead of the MSA. It is easy to understand. Cheers

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