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Writing in arabic

I dont think everyone has an arabic keyboard making it unfai and also i speak arabic because i am an arab and i dont understand why they have number in their its very confusing and i think it dosent help people who want to learn

January 4, 2020



You should be able to install the Arabic language pack on your computer and get the keyboard, spell check, speech... what OS do you use?

3 represents the sound of ع.

and there are others...

باء Baa2

see tips and notes for lesson 10.) Phrases:

3 = ع Today, you’ll hear a sound that we don’t have in English: ع ! Pronouncing ع can be a bit tricky at first. Some people compare its sound to the sound you make when you yawn, some say it’s the sound you make when you hurt yourself and it hurts real bad — some even say it sounds like a duck. You can try this: get close to a mirror, open your mouth wide and fog up the mirror with your breath. You should feel how tight your throat gets when you do this. Now, while doing this, say the vowel a as in cat. That’s about the right sound. Because this letter, when it’s not connected to another letter, looks like a reversed 3, we’ll write it as a 3 in English letters. For example, we write the word عَرَبِيّ as 3arabiyy.


That yawn image was helpful, thank you!


I wish they would really Show is the visual with the throat for letters like ayn to help with pronunciation


no .... not all people have an arabic keyboard such, in computer ............ and some people learn arabic with lot language so they don't want learn arabic perfectly ..... only because it is language and they have more culture ... so they not have a keyboard because they not bay an arabic language ..... ((It is in my opinion)) ...............................BD


It's overcome easily by installing a language pack. for windows you go to settings>time and language>language>add preferred language pick language to install and all the features you want.

Then you can toggle languages on you keyboard by using alt+shift

there are other ways depending on your OS but it is always possible


I don't think I have encountered in my time with the Arabic lessons a need for an arabic keyboard, just English keyboard. I installed one only on my phone so that I can type what I have learned to my Arab speaking partner.


Use Google check your settings; I added Arabic, French and Greek . My default language is American English. However be aware that there are several languages for French and Arabic depending where you live in the world. I like the Levantine dialect instead of the MSA. It is easy to understand. Cheers

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