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  5. "Bu toil leam piobar."

"Bu toil leam piobar."

Translation:I would like pepper.

January 4, 2020



Could this also be I would like a pepper, meaning something like a bell pepper that you eat, or is piobar only black pepper, the seasoning?


It can mean both types of pepper, so "I would like a pepper" would be fine too.


In this example, pepper is "piobar", but I've also seen other examples that have it as "piobair", with an extra "i" although it looks to me like it's nominative case in each of the examples I've seen. Alternate spelling or typo?


Typo! One that will take us a while to change due to the nature of the incubator. It should be piobar in the nominative. We have corrected but we can't get the changes to show at the user end at this moment. Shouldn't be long.


Something I'm wondering about: is there different contexts for using "bu toil leam" vs "ag iarraidh"? Is "bu toil leam" just for food?


Bu toil leam is I would like, tha mi ag iarraidh is I am wanting/I want. You can use bu toil leam for things besides food.


So "bu toil leam" is cognate with the Irish "ba mhaith liom"?

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