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"The merchants can hand over the money to us."

Translation:Mercatores pecuniam nobis tradere possunt.

January 4, 2020



Wow, so if I ubderstand correctly, the structure of this sentence is: Subject, Object, Indirect object, Verb.

It's cool to see 3 nouns in 3 cases line up like that to make a coherent sentence, and the double verb to boot. Latin is fun


Why doesn't "pecuniam nobis" mean "our money"?


For nobis to mean 'our' it needs to be used in something like a dative of possession construction. Pecunia nobis est -> "The money is ours" (more literally 'The money is to us').

Normally to represent 'our' you have to use a form of noster. Mercatores pecuniam nostram nobis tradere possunt. -> 'The merchants can hand over our money to us'.


Why is "Mercatores pecuniam tradere nobis possunt" wrong?

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