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Improvement to Arabic

I've barely started learning Arabic, but it is very confusing and there seem to be holes in the lessons. I know that it is a new course, so I'm wondering if there will be ongoing revisions and improvements to it?

January 4, 2020



The font size is really small, too, which makes it hard to see the little symbols on top of the words, especially on my phone screen.


I've started the arabic course and don't understand why the arabic symbols are so tiny. And I use a notebook - I can't imagine how small they'd be on a phone! I have actually learnt to recognise a few bits of the script and am remembering to look from right to left but it would be so much easier if the script font was larger.


This is absolutely a problem. What really baffles me also is that there is plenty of space on the screen to make it larger.


I agree. I have good eyesight but the sentences are tiny. The characters in the alphabet section are fine. But the sentences are minuscule.


im working on russian and the the 1st part introduces letters only through words and its not fun either. i wish duo would greatly expand russian, arabic, and hindi for english speakers. they have so much for french, spanish and german. its really silly that they have klingon and game of thrones languages instead of improving real languages but hey, it gets them more advertisement clicks. when i get sick of duo i go to memrise or lingodeer to learn those languages.


does memrise have a better Arabic course in your opinion?


i know how to speak in arabic because i lived in arab countries. The grammer will be one big thing that might struggle you. I think if you keep practicing, overtime you will be able to speak arabic fluently. Arabic calligraphy is very amazing. if you learn arabic you can be able to draw calligraphy.



I am wondering the specifics you mean for the holes.


I agree that this needs improvement/reworking. The alphabet needs work and then we get to words and no means of how we got there in the first place. Could it be reworked so we learn the alphabet and words first phonetically then the Arabic script to the words.

The current method is just a mess. I’ve not really learned any words but I do recognise how the script is formed. I find the b, k, j most easy to follow. K looks like a k for example.


I completely disagree with using phonetics if you want to learn it properly. There are sounds that don't exist in phonetics, such as those represented by 3, 2 and other numbers of the sort.


Lol am I the only one that doesn’t find it small at all, my phone screen is small and I have bad eyesight but I have no problem


Stick with it as it makes more sense when you get further in..it is still a Beta version i think so hopefully they will take on board all the comments...especially the crazy size! Dr Imran Alawiye on YouTube does excellent lectures that complement Duo and make up for what is missing. Hours and hours of them. He is brilliant at explaining I think and you will see how logical it all is. Good luck.. T

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