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Updated Audio Files

A fair bit of work has been done this week replacing audio files that were too quiet. These should start to feed through over the next few days and should make the course an even more enjoyable experience!

Thanks for your patience, we are a very small team of volunteers drawing from a small pool of speakers. I’m very grateful to those that have lent their voices so far! Please continue to report any audio that isn’t up to scratch in the lessons. It’s really helpful. We can’t keep track of all the sentence discussions so there is a good chance we won’t see things raised there. Thanks again!

Mòran taing a chàirdean!!!

January 4, 2020



I want to express great thanks to the volunteers and speakers. I've never enjoyed learning a language so much before. Being able to proceed at my own pace and not advancing until I have a skill "mastered", in translation, spelling and pronunciation is a huge help.


Tapadh leibh for all the work you all are putting into this course, a Ciaran Iòsaph MacAonghais, a Joanne, agus a Màrtainn! It's truly appreciated and I still think it's one of Duolingo's best courses! Can't wait to see the expanded version! :D


Thank you. Your work is greatly appreciated.


'S e do bheatha! Much appreciated!


Tapadh leibh! I am finding the audio easier now, there are a couple that distort - I probably should report those - it's a pity the report doesn't ask what exactly is wrong with the clip so I have to put it does not sound correct. I do like the variety of voices!


Please do report them, it's really the only way we have of identifying them. We normally replace them right away.


i know the troubleshooting page is the correct page but there is no answer to the issue im having....on restore skills 8Dayd) and now on checkpoint 2 after a few sentences the audio doesnt play so the skill stays broken as i have no choice but to leave-tha mi coma( haha ive so been wanting to say that!) about losing the points but if its a bug its getting worse....any ideas?


Tapadh leibh! I enjoy the course, including the audio. There seem to be more voices and I am picking up just a bit of dialectal variation, I think, which is all to the good. I hope advanced level lessons to be added will increase the speed of the sentences.


We appreciate all your hard work, your responsiveness, and the wonderful Tips!


Thank you to everyone involved in making these lessons. As a Scot, I have always wanted to learn Scottish Gaelic and I'm thrilled Duolingo is now giving me the opportunity to do so.


Thank you so much for everything.


Your volunteers!? Thank you so much!


Ceud taing, a Chiarain. Your team's work is much appreciated. It is greatly helping my listening ability.


I deeply appreciate the work you've done! What a difference it makes!


Have just finished the course, enjoyed practicing. I used to imagine people making the course and especially the sound files :) Let me virtually shake your hands guys! And now it's time to go on practicing, practicing and practicing. Tapadh leibh a chàirdean, bha an cùrsa iongantach!


Ceud mìle taing! Tha sin cho coibhneil!


So in the Days skill, there is a young female speaker whose volume is MUCH lower than the other speakers. I'm flagging them as The audio doesn't sound correct, as the options for flagging in the app are limited. Maybe the new files haven't made it to my app yet?


Hi, I sorted those ones last night. Levels were a bit off. I thought I had disabled them but it turns out I had only disabled a specific type of exercise. It should be sorted completely very soon. Thanks for letting us know!!!


The sounds are gone from my program all together. It makes doing the lessons fairly limited. Is this a site issue or just me?


Hello and thank you for all the good work! Is it possible to access the sound files directly? I'd really like to start an Anki flash card deck that corresponds to the Duolingo lessons. :)


Or is it possible to look up the phrases to listen to them? Some of the exercises don't reinforce the pronunciation, and I really need it. :)


math fhéin tapadh leat!

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