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  5. "This is the wall"

"This is the wall"

Translation:هٰذا الْحائِط

January 4, 2020



Should this be "this wall" instead of "this is the wall"? "This is the wall" would be "hatha hooa al Ha2it". Maybe I'm wrong.


This is also what I had thought. Most odd!


Going off the tips, I also thought it was "this wall"

But on another post, I saw someone adding هو to get the 'is' in 'this is the wall' - هٰذا هو اَلْحائِط where هو for masculine and هي for feminine nouns.


That is what I just read in a Grammar book ... that to say this is the wall one adds the third person pronoun ... as you suggest


It is not required


What is the character before ط ? And how do I produce it on a keyboard?


I think it depends on what kind of device and keyboard you use. On my PC with qwerty keyboard using arabic layout, the ئ is produced by the Z key (the key next to the left shift key).
ئ ئط طئط طئ


it is "ya hamza", i think you type it with shift+dhal.

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