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  5. "This wall is big."

"This wall is big."

Translation:هٰذا الْحائِط كَبير.

January 4, 2020



I keep getting told I have a typo because I do not how to produce الْحائِط on my keyboard. Could someone enlighten me? And it would, of course, be very helpful if Duolingo could explain this.



I use Android keyboard app (Gboard), select Arabic, then hold the "." (dot/full stop/period button). The diacritics will be popped up there.


I hope it also works for you.


Thank you. And for the Arabic QWERTY keyboard, the hamza is followed by the letter that will be the "seat" for the hamza, as follows: ؤ = followed by u. ئ = followed by i.


I too facing the same issue.


How do we write 'wall' and 'the wall'



"(a) wall" = Haa2iT(un) حَائِطٌ

"the wall" = 2al-Haa2iT(u) الحَائِطُ


I am very confused by this word "wall". The letters I see are: ح ا د ط (Leaving out the other marks )

The 3rd letter connects to the T, but apparently d is wrong. What other letter connects, with no dots above (n) or below (b)?

To clarify my problem, i see a short i under, and a Hamza over, but I can't figure out what is the letter that is between them.

Thank you!


The third letter is not د, which never connects to its following letter. I can't remember the technical name for it, but I think it is just a place holder for the hamza. Perhaps some helpful person will tell us what it is called?

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