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The Nominal Sentence in Arabic : الجملة الاسمية

If you learn ten nouns and ten adjectives - You will be already able to make at least ten sentences very easily

for example :

nouns :

the Bird (الطائر) aTTaa2iro - the Cat (القط) al9iTTo - the Dog (الكلب) alkalbo - the Elephant (الفيل) alfiilo - the Fox (الثعلب) attha3labo - the Horse (الحصان) al7iSaano - the Lion (الأسد) al2asado - the Mouse (الفأر) alfa2ro - the Snake (الثعبان) attho3baano - the Wolf (الذئب) addhi2bo

adjectives :

beautiful (جميل) jamiilon - elegant (أنيق) anii9on - faithful (وفي) wafiyyon - enormous (ضخم) Dakhmon - smart (ذكي) dhakiyyon - fast (سريع) sarii3on - strong (قوي) x 9awiyyon - small (صغير) saghiiron - venomous (سام) saammon - fierce (شرس) sharison

The english sentence : The bird + is + beautiful - in Arabic is only : the bird + beautiful

الطائر جميل

the other sentences :

القط أنيق - الكلب وفي - الفيل ضخم - الثعلب ذكي - الحصان سريع - الأسد قوي - الفأر صغير - الثعبان سام - الذئب شرس

January 5, 2020



Someone recently told me that you "speak Arabic as you think it". So, you could say "the beautiful bird" rather than having to add words like "is"? This helps me understand (I think) what they meant. Thank you for that!

Does it need to be in that order? Would it work to say الطائر جميل or جميل الطائر?

  1. No - (the beautiful bird) is the translation of (الطائر الجميل) - notice that here the noun and the adjective both use (الـ) - (the bird is beautiful) is translated (الطائر جميل) - notice that only the noun uses (الـ)

  2. you can say جميل الطائر - it would be like (is beautiful the bird) - not false - but rarely used

  3. a piece of advice : When you are a beginner just follow your teacher - do what they tell you to do - don't try to add things of your own!


Its a specific combination of definite and indefinite words that makes a sentence and changes the meaning. The definite has to be first and the indefinite second to make this specific sentence. If both words are definite or both are indefinite theres no sentence just simple phrases.

simple examples: (both definite)albayt alkabeer = the big house (both indefinite)bayt kabeer = a big house (Definite, indefinite) albayt kabeer = the house is big

The first word indefinite second word definite combination is a rarely used phrase with adjectives but very commonly used with two nouns and it creates a completely different meaning. Check the link below: http://allthearabicyouneverlearnedthefirsttimearound.com/p1/p1-ch2/the-idaafa/

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