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  5. "Math fhèin, a charaid."

"Math fhèin, a charaid."

Translation:Excellent, friend.

January 5, 2020



Remember the word "fhèin," folks. It is a really cool concept that I don't feel has as much of a direct translation in English. It means something like, "oh, but you!" Happy Gàidhliging!


If Gàidhliging wasn't a word before then it certainly is now!


Am I right in translating this as the Gaelic equivalent of "good for you" or "good on you"? And so you would use it in reference to something someone has done? Duolingo's translation of 'excellent' makes it sound like you could use it as an alternative to sgonneil. Tapadh leibh


The hints say that fhein means "itself". So I was assuming the phrase means something like "goodness itself" "or "truly good". Is that wrong then? Is this saying more like when we say "good job" in English to indicate that someone has performed well?


I'm thinking it might be the ancestor of the Scots 'Oan Yersel'...

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