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Learning German!

So, I began the German program yesterday and I can't believe how much I've already learned. I am learning German for no reason other than I like learning languages in general, and this program really seems to be working for me. Awesome stuff.

I'll be saying "Sie isst eninen Apfel" in my sleep before too long, haha.

July 4, 2014



I'm so excited about learning German. I find myself learning it quite quickly, too. This site is an absolutely wonderful tool to be used to learn a language on one's own. I just really wish I had a speaking partner, though, so I had someone I could practice with in person when it comes to forming sentences in real time.


If you need a speaking partner,join some groups on facebook.


That could be a good idea, though I need someone to speak with in person.


You can talk on skype. I think that will be good for improving pronunciation. Do you want to chat ? If that,there are enough groups in Facebook for that. By chatting also I can also improve my spelling and learn new words and sentence structure. That is also a good step to learn better German.


Love the profile picture ;) I'm learning German and Japanese so I sometimes find my dreams filled with Kanji translated into German....Very confusing sleep. haha


Heh- yeah, that profile picture isn't too bad. A bit newfangled for my taste, though. ;-)

Viel Glueck!


As much as I love TOS, the TNG-era shows are my favorites. There's something special about Data...he's my favorite character of them all. I like the Mirror Spock profile pic though. Can't go wrong with the Mirror Universe.


Haha, that would be interesting to say the least. And thanks!


Do it! Die deutsche Sprache ist soooo interessant! :)


Ich kenne, richtig!?! Deutsch ist toll. :D


Sehr toll XD


Hopefully you won't have the problem I'm having with remembering all the conjegation rules. Dies, diesed, dieser just mess me up.


I think you mean declension :) Conjugation is what happens to verbs, and that's all over other languages too.


It obviously did, as there is no "diesed" in German ;)


Yeah typo there. Diesen is what I was going for.


That's what I thought, couldn't prevent me from making that stupid joke, though ;)


there is an old adage: catch a young swallow, roast her in honey, eat her up, then you will understand all languages, hhh


"Das Mädchen isst Brot" und "der Junge trinkt Milch" sind mein Favorit! Good luck with your new course!


I also started learning German just two days ago, and I am learning it very fast!! Amazing! German is similar to English! I hope I will learn it! Love Duolingo!


Yeah, that first "n" snuck in as a typo.


I've began learning it recently as well! It's very exciting, and no matter how much I learn... es its nicht genug!


Nichts ist genug!! Weisst du das noch nicht? You will see!


ja!!!!!!! hahaahah


Can someone tell me when to use 'die', 'das', and 'der'?? I'm really confused right now! its das pferd, die maus, der kuh! OMG!


You use die when the word is feminine, das when neuter and der when masculine. "Simple" as that! :D

The pro tip: Learn the articles with the words. There is no "Brot" in German. There is just "das Brot". The article is VERY essential part of the word and needs to be learned.

There are some rules and patterns that make learning a bit easier. Like all words in diminutive (-chen -lein) are neuter. "das Mädchen". Or that all words with "-keit" are feminine: "die Freundlichkeit". etc. You can find good lists that help. But there are many words that don't really fit the patterns and just need to be learned by heart. With enough exposure I would say a non-native can relatively quick learn a basic "gender sense" that tells which article sounds good. Sometimes it can be wrong, but the accuracy is way more than 33% at that point ;)


danke!!! It so confusing btw! I guess there's always stuff that needs cramming.


I find it gets hard in the "Prepos." lesson, so don't be surprise if you lose speed.


Thanks for the heads up.


very nice, i have just started also and find it really so cool; so i would like to say 'hallo, danke:)'


any groups for communicating?

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