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  5. "Seo an càr agam."

"Seo an càr agam."

Translation:This is my car.

January 5, 2020



Could you also say "Seo mo chàr"?


"An càr agam" is better than "mo chàr". Possessive pronouns like mo, do, a, etc. are reserved for things that are "inseparable" from the owner (e.g. body parts) or things that the owner has a very close relationship with (e.g. family members). A car generally wouldn't fit into these categories. You can see here for further details.


That link is incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!


I have known car owners who definitly would use the "mo chàr" construction - a dent in the car was for them worse than a dent in their body :o)


Would 'seo car agam' also mean the same?

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