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  5. Earned more than 500000xps .


Earned more than 500000xps .

Today I have reached over 500000 xps and that's a lot of completed skills. Still full of enthusiasm and eager to study more and more. The goal for this year is Portuguese. I wish all my fellow Duolingers a successful new year! Best of luck!

January 5, 2020



Image: StarWars C3PO (speaking 6 mil languages) giving respect to YarkoRab

That's seriously impressive!

You are a true inspiration


Ha, ha, nice and funny, thanks!


Subtle dig at you btw


How is having a beloved famous multilingual sci-fi character show its respects, taking a (subtle) dig at him?
If anything, it's a complement...


Yes quite a good looking character of you ask me....


Who else had to read that in C3PO's voice?


I invoked Duolingo BS detector to determine veracity of this impressive claim. No BS detected. Even bio is accurate: addicted to Duolingo. It shows. Kudos for your accomplishments: XP, Crowns, Lingots, Streak...the whole package.



You're funny Songve, and you've just taught me a new phrase: BS detector. In fact, I had to check it up on the net, thanks!


Very impressive. Congrats on reaching this huge milestone!


Soon you are going to be 1000 days duoold, so my congrats to you, too! Not planning to break your streak, are you?


Not planning to break your streak, are you?

No, not planning on it. Hopefully I will make it.


I totally misunderstood your title and your post. I thought you meant all at once - using a script or something to get so many points in a single day.

I'm very glad that my initial impression was proven wrong. :) Congratulations on breaking 500,000 overall XP today! And best of luck with Portuguese! :D

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


Thanks a lot, it took me a little more than one day ;-))) My daily goal is 300 xps or more ...


Hi Yarko,

Congratulations on this great achievement. I see that your daily average is around 450 XP. Wow. Also, if they would award levels higher than 25 on the same scale, you would be at level 100 in Spanish and Italian!

Best wishes for your continued studies, and I hope someday you will have the chance to visit those countries where you can apply your linguistic skills.


If you study one language from several languages, you'll only see one flag.



Yes Sasho, and also I was thinking that a level 25 = 30K XP, so my initial assessment was way off. XP don't stop flowing in once you have reached level 25. Yarko is a myth!


Doesn't Duolingo exhaust its usefulness when you go beyond the beginner level? I'm not there yet, but I feel I might ease on the XPs this year and focus more on content outside the app...


As regards Italian and Spanish from English, I just fix the cracked circles. Still doing English from Spanish as it differs from the Spanish from English course. I actually do a lot outside watching, reading and listening.

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Ciao YarkoRab,

Very impressive performance and very inspiring mindset. Thanks for sharing.

I might have some questions just for curiosity:

  • How much time do you invest in language learning per day?

  • What is your mother language?

  • What is your long-term goal with this serious and great skill-set?

Thanks for sharing,



Helló Ledo, lengyel vagyok. I think I spend 1 to 2 hours a day studying languages. I want to be quite fluent in Italian, my favorite language, the rest of the languages up to B2 level, so that I'm able to communicate in everyday situations. I attend conversation classes in Italian and Spanish, use some other apps to build up additional vocabulary. I watch series in Spanish on Netflix and I watch the Italian news on Rai television.

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Ciao Yarko,

Grazie per le risposte.

Hai selezionato le migliori lingue: inglese, russo, tedesco. Queste sono le lingue più influenti nella regione dell'Europa centrale.

Sono d'accordo con te. La mia lingua preferita personale è anche l'italiano.

Ancora complimenti per i tuoi successi!

Ti saluto,



Olá Yarko,

congrats to your accomplishment.

500,000 experience points. This is pretty impressive.

Even when I hopefully have finished my two Portuguese reverse trees (DE and EN) within this year I will be miles away - even from 100,000XP - to accomplish something like Carlos and you did.

I am so gladful that a German friend (photographer) from Salvador/Brazil who had visited again my small village here in Germany showed me some pictures about his lifestyle and Amazonas tree house.
What a great idea to fly RC helicopters and planes there at the green field as we met at the park bench :-)
So I thought after a little research why not to give Portuguese a start and see where this could possibly drive me to in the mid-term (my French CD from DP is also lying around for too long).
I surely can use one of those languages one day for (Kite-)surfing / wakeboarding.

Pretty funny to watch the big wave surfing videos from Nazaré/Portugal or skimboarding professionals from the US who visit the Mexican beaches :-)
Now it is winter again here in Europe and my heart already is somewhere else where it is warm and sunny and were the wind blows (like Colombia, Hawaii, Florida,...).

Q: Is anybody of you doing Brazil Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)?

I'm not sure what I would have been doing the last three years otherwise. Unbelievable how quickly time is flying by.

I really like this beautiful language so much.

Sorry, I still have not continued with Spanish from our last challenge but since then I focus to learn all the Portuguese vocabulary on a few Memrise courses; a real "progress bar" and defined sessions is simply the best :-)

Wish you all the best for the new year to realize your dreams.

Best regards / Muitas saudações / Viele Grüße aus Deutschland


Oi Thomas! You could be right saying that the Portuguese course is the best one on Duo. I thought it was the Spanish one. The Portuguese course has more grammar tips and that's an important advantage. I'm a bit afraid of the volume, though, it is huge ...


@Thomas No, I don't practice any fancy sports, only I do 4 or 5 HIIT workouts a week to keep me fit while I wait for the good weather in order to resume running.

Well, Portuguese is very similar to Spanish, so you are indirectly studying a lot of Spanish. ;-))) The same to you, good luck with all your projects during this new year!!


¡Well Yarko! Very good study. Very complete everything. You're a good example. Thank you and congratulations. Best of luck for you


Gracias, tu pareces ser un/a estudiante muy serio/a!


Way to go!! I hope you enjoy practicing Portuguese this year, it's a beautiful language. ;-D


Hi Carlos, I like Portuguese a lot, even though it's not our, European version. If I don't speak the basics in six/eight months I'll give you a ring asking for help :-)))


I am still focusing on Brazilian Portuguese listening my 2nd round of Portuguese stories and some youtube as well, and once I finish this 2nd round I plan to listen European PT as well! :-)


I made friends with a colleague at work from the Azores. He said that when I speak Portuguese, my accent sounds Brazilian. I was glad to be intelligible at least!

If you want to hear the difference, Pimsleur puts out courses both in European and European Portuguese.

Best of luck to you both!


Good luck to you as well!! :-D


Well done! Would you say that you are fluent in these languages? If so, how many XPS in each language to you need to get in order to reach a very good level of communication?


I have got over 130000 xps in Spanish only, Duo helped me create a great foundation, taught me how to create sentences. I can communicate in simple Spanish, still working on it using other sources.


keep up the good work!


Congratulations, gratulacje :D


Vielen Dank! I dzięki kolego!


Damn, that's a lot, congratz on the achievement


First of all. Congratulations!! Great Achievement. I like the idea of going back and forth, ie. Spanish from English, and English from Spanish. But, how do you sign up for that? Right now, I am signed up as an english speaker, but would love do sign up also as French and Spanish speaker at the same time with english, or from French to Spanish.


It is easy to change the language from which you are learning: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11299760. I really enjoyed doing Italian from Spanish, the two languages I learned on Duo. Lots of fun.


That probably would be very good for my brain, which tends to confuse the two. I remember telling a story to my Spanish friend using the word, "enchampar," until she had to ask what that was. Uh... it's from the Italian "inciampare," which in Spanish is actually "tropezar." More recently (I am in Italy at the moment) I mentioned to some people I kept passing on a hiking trail the fable of the "tortuga e la lepre." They must have understood that a "tortuga" is really a "tartaruga," because they laughed.

Yarko, about how much time have you been spending on the site recently, in order to earn around 400 XP? Do you use the platform or an app?


I usually do the exercises on the platform (I believe the web version is much better), but every now and then I also use the app. I love doing timed practice to restore cracked circles, thus earning close to 20xps each time. My daily goal is 300 xps, the average is higher because I happily used test out option earning 2 or 3 thousands xps a day for some short time. Now it isn't possible, 20 xps e basta! ;-))) I used to mix Italian and Spanish for some time, it was funny. I'm in everyday contact with some Italians and they had a laugh when I was using the Spanish vocab at times.


Wow. Seriously! Amazing!


Mr YarkoRab, once I got 950XP and I could do it again. Dude, I don't wanna have some competition. But more that 500000XPS is lots!


I just confirmed this, he really has that much xp. Wow, great job!


Thanks, btw, how do you find the Chinese course? In the future, I'm going to take up a language with a different scripture.


So after all that experience can you speak the languages you learned?


I can communicate which is more or less my goal.


wow cool. I assume you do other things like watch shows etc. I just enrolled into Spanish lesson. If I become fluent I'll move onto Japanese then hopefully Mandarin.

If you have a Youtube channel that would be cool too. A polyglot from using Duolingo.


Português é bem complicado, tanto que até nós nativos achamos a língua difícil, mas com bastante persistência você pode conseguir um dia aprender, bom trabalho e bons estudos.


Funny that after a short study of Portuguese I could understand your message. I think Spanish helps a lot here .. Thanks for your post!


Olha, desculpa ser chato, mas realmente sinto muita vontade de discordar quando as pessoas dizem isso. Eu estudo bastante outros idiomas e pesquiso sobre eles, e posso afirmar com muita certeza, o português não é complicado, não, é mais fácil que francês e quase todas as demais línguas da Europa.

Os brasileiros dizem isso apenas porque a qualidade do ensino no nosso país não é tão boa :/ , OU porque eles só têm o inglês como alvo de comparação e a gramática do inglês é por coincidência mais simples.

Porém o inglês tem uma ortografia muito mais trabalhosa que a nossa, tanto que o Reino Unido tem a mais alta taxa de dislexia na Europa, e as irregularidades abundam, de forma que você é sempre surpreendido por um novo verbo com conjugação rara.

Claro que no português nós também temos regras de concordância, conjugações raras, e vários outros detalhes da linguagem culta que são mais complicados, mas o inglês também têm detalhes assim, a questão é que os falantes da língua simplesmente ignoram e não julgam que precisam saber dessas coisas, seguindo o oposto do caminho do Brasil e abraçando a linguagem oral usada pela maioria das pessoas.

Em francês eles simplesmente deixam de usar as conjugações neo-latinas raras tradicionais e as reinventam "dando uma volta" com advérbios auxiliares, e em alemão... Bem, aprender alemão é um teste tribal maior do que aquele onde amarram formiga quente nos pés dos meninos indígenas. A língua é equivalente a um elo perdido entre o latim e o português perfeito da gramática.

Se essas línguas têm a coragem de terem pujança internacional, se impondo mundo afora, eu não acho que é justo com o português caracterizá-lo como complicado.


Uau, muito obrigado por seus pensamentos em aprender português. Quero garantir-lhe que não tenho medo de nenhuma linguagem ;-))) Tudo que eu preciso é tempo e esforço todos os dias ...


Well done and good luck !


You've got a great array of languages yourself! Congrats!


That's a lot of learning and practice. Best of luck with your Portuguese this year. ☺


Obrigado amigo, lots of success in language learning.


Muchas gracias amigo, veo que también estás estudiando español. ¡Buena suerte!


Wow!! Nice job!! 500,000 Xps is a huger number. A lingot for you.


Here's to "10,000 Hours" (or maybe a little less!) having fun studying languages on Duolingo!


Congrats! Best of luck!


Я могу только поздравить вас.


Большое тебе спасибо. Удачи!


Благодарю вас!


Very impressive. As someone that's been using Duolingo for a much longer time how effective is it in getting one fluent in a language?


You won't become fluent using only Duo. I would recommend doing extra stuff right from the beginning, like listening and using some apps to develop your vocabulary. Duo gives you only some good foundations of a new language.


Unbelievable! Incroyable! Ongeloofelijk! Otroligt! Uskomatonta! I hope to reach 100.000 this year...


étant donné que vous avez une séquence de près de deux mille jours, vous êtes également sérieux. bonne chance!


I started french again after a while and will be getting 200-800xp (a day) hopefully, 500k xp is just crazy


800 xps for one language? I'd say it is too much daily input.


Wow, that is impressive. Is that a record? Or someone has more than that even?


No, I'm following some giants with over two million xps earned.


You can see the XP Hall of Fame on duome.eu/type_your_username_here by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

I have my reservations about those users with over 2 million XP, since the word BOT is in many of the usernames!


Muito obrigado, cara!


Gosh super impressive!!!


I am speechless. This is an encouragement to me, that someday it's actually possible to earn 500000+ xp! Amazing amazing job and onto 50001!


thats pretty neat i wonder how much i have


Very impressive for your performance , I'm inspired by you!! My daily goal is 365 days streak. :D


That was my goal over two years ago ;-))) keep studying - it is worth dedicating some time every single day ...


Can you list or talk about the other apps and resources that you use?


Sure: Anki (ready made decks or creating your own), Clozemaster to develop your vocabulary. Radio Garden, or other radio apps for respective languages to develop your listening skills. A huge selection of videos on Youtube like Espanol con Juan, Spanish with Vincente etc. Netflix for series, apps with podcasts from Play store for any language you're studying, in fact there is an endless list of resources if you want to learn.




Cheers mate, that's some serious numbers, 100x times mine !


You can get there yourself easily.


wooow you are clever congrats...felicidades, parabéns.


You know yourself that this is not about being clever but rather about consistency, regularity and satisfaction with learning.


right !!! your days tell it Saludos (:


Man, now I can see you are doing a lot on Duo, bravo! ¿Es el español tu lengua materna?


Gracias amigo... doch du mehr viel... Saludos y abrazos


asi es, soy de Chile saludos (:


Grande Yarko , bravo bravo :)


Grazie mille professore ;-)


Wow,wow, wow, keep up the good work.


Boa sorte! May learning Portuguese be as interesting, rich and sweet for you as learning English was for me!


Obrigado! It already is, as it seems more interesting than English.


Congratulations yarorab

Just remember that its not all about xp but learning but when you say you enjoy studying I think that's what you mean. You probably know a lot in your target language so that's great!

Also nice streak!


Thanks a lot. Streak doesn't tell you anything about a given Duolinger. Xps do tell you a bit more. I have checked some 5/6-year-old Duo users on duome.eu, it turned out they collected very few xps, which means they were doing their 10xps a day just to maintain their streak, thus not learning a lot. Saludos cordiales!


XP is the only figure available for anyone to state, they can't really list everything they can say!


Well they could but it would be a long long list.....


Happy new year Yarkorab and in bocca al lupo with Portuguese!


Grazie mille cara Linda, altrettanto!


You should learn Tuyuca.


That's is really rare, some 800 speakers?

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