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  5. "Chan eil mi ann an Eaglais."

"Chan eil mi ann an Eaglais."

Translation:I am not in a church.

January 5, 2020



It sounds vaguely related to romance words for church, like église.


Same root, I believe. Gleneagles is the glen of the church.


Somethings have many different words in different languages. 'Church' isn't one of them - for one simple reason: the idea of a 'church' was introduced by one group of people (Christian missionaries) who used one language (Greek), at least to start with. So you might have thought there would be just one word, whereas in fact there are two:

κυριακόν (kuriakón)

[thing of the Lord]
West Germanic kiriká

  • English church
  • Scots kirk
  • German kirk
    See kirikā for other descendants.
ἐκκλησία (eklesía)

Latin ecclēsia

  • French église
  • Old Irish eclais
    • Irish eaglais
    • Manx agglish
    • Scottish Gaelic: eaglais
  • Welsh eglwys

+ dozens more


Is Eaglais always capitalized?


Gaelic generally takes its capitalization rules from English. The building is 'a church' or 'the church'. 'The Church' would refer to the whole of Christianity or some particular part of it, but this would never be indefinite 'a church'.

The Kirk is the term used in English and Scots to refer to the Church of Scotland. It is not the dominant religion in Gaelic-speaking areas but is referred to as Eaglais na h-Alba.


should be lower case e?


How would we say In THE church --- is eaglais masculine?


Anns an eaglais - in the church

Eaglais is feminine


Shouldn't the answer be, "I am not in the church." rather than "I am not in a church."?


Hey, that would be Chan eil mi anns an eaglais.

Ann an eaglais. - In a church. Anns an eaglais. - In the church.

Hope that helps, would recommend the grammar notes for the course on the pinned post on here too. :)


The ann an confused me rightly


It confuses everybody.

Ann an 'in', 'in a'
Anns an or san 'in the'

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