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Oops, but a good oops

We have just discovered something fairly important! Often when we come across “dodgy” audio we disable it and record another version. We thought this would make sure the bad audio wouldn’t be heard at the user end.

How wrong we were! This just disables a specific type of exercise but it doesn’t remove the bad audio. The system was still randomly choosing from either the good new audio or the older file. This explains why some glitchy / quiet audio is still being heard and it now means we can remove these for good! Changes will take a few days, but I think this will improve the course even further! Tapadh leibh!

January 5, 2020



I have always learnt languages by approaching them through their sounds - and I have enjoyed the variety of voices in your course. I was worried we were going to lose a characterful voice in the remix. I needn't have worried as she comes across loud and clear and even better than before in the bits I've heard so far


She is my gran and she re-recorded a lot of her old stuff. Looking forward to even more from her in the future. She'll be delighted!


Your gran is amazing, please thank her from all of us!!


Good news! She would have been a real miss if she'd been edited out!


I am pleased you have kept her even though I find her voice the most difficult one to understand. This is probably because I am hard of hearing so the more subtle differences can be hard for me to distinguish though I can make a fairly educated guess at some of them now.


Hey, the new files are much clearer but they wont have fully fed through. It should make it a lot easier!


Kisses to your granny! Could you make a post about her! Her bio. A cultural thread!


That sounds like a lovely idea.


She could be the face, or the voice, of the resurgent language! A bio is a cracking idea!


I would be interested to know more about 'Gaelic Grandma' - has she ever done Gaelic Psalm Singing? It is the Psalm Singing that got me interested in learning Gaelic.


How does your gran feel about a ton of internet strangers sitting at her virtual knee to learn the language? Must be a bit of of trip!


Is ise as docha leam!!!


It must be good for her to know that so many people are benefiting from her voice recordings, and she must be very proud of you too.


Tha sin iongantach! Mòran taing airson ur seanmhair!


Tapadh leibh, Seanmhair!


And here I thought the soft voiced ones were mimicing a poor phone connection. I had given you full marks for creativity. Of course you still get full marks.


It's useful to hear some fast pronunciations and the contractions that native speakers use. Like: tha e sounding like h e for example.


Thanks for keeping us in the loop!


Hi all, there is a small bug with audio recording at the moment that is preventing us from implementing this change. It hopefully shouldn't take long to resolve. Duo staff are sorting it. The only way to remove audio is to record over the top of it and there is a bug preventing us doing so. We do however no where (at least most of) the less ideal files and and are ready to go once the bug is gone. Thanks for your patience!

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