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I couldn't open the page 'etre/avoir'.

I've already finished the 'plural'. And it looks like already activating. but when I clicked the page, It responts nothing. I really want to do it! because of 'etre/avoir' page, I even couldn't go next lessons. if it is kind of bugs, Please take care of it ASAP. Thank you!

July 31, 2012



I saw other person's question. some has the same problem. somebody recommanded to use another brouser, like chrome... I use chrome now, and I finally could open the page. :)


i saw you advanced, is there still a problem?


that happened to mine too, any ideas how to fix it? i've tried refreshing the page and logging in and logging out but nothing works :(


Try to use another browser. I used 'chrome', then I could open the page with "chrome'. but I still couldn't open the page with 'explore".


hmm I've already had to switch from Firefox to IE just to use this site, now I have to switch again? I really appreciate this site but it's really poor web development etiquette to not test multiple browsers for compitbility. I would even undertand if there was a notice for "Only compatible with so and so browser" but none exists.

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