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Scottish Gaelic in app version?

Wondering when this will be available in the app version. Seems only to be available on web version.

Also, when will it accept oral input? Thanks

January 5, 2020



It was right at the end of the list for me.


Not sure what the issue is ... I use app only (android) & have been since the course started.

Good luck!



I am using it in the (Android) app version since it moved to beta. And currently there is no Gaelic speech-to-text engine available, which is a necessary prerequisite for speech exercises. So there won't be speech exercises available in the near future.


Thanks. I can't find it in app. Also using android... Expecting to see saltire flag as on web version.


Have you updated the app? The course is there!


Odd. I just downloaded a couple of days ago. I'll see if there's an update. Thanks :)


If it doesn't work I would post this in the troubleshooting forum as SG contributors wont be able to help with technical stuff. Cheers!


I practise using the app on both an Android phone and an iPad - and aye it has the saltire on both


Bewildered. There's no saltire on mine. Even uninstalled and reinstalled (and lost my progress in the process) and still no saltire. Which two languages is it between?


Possible workaround: If you see it in the web version, just select it there and it will be in your course selection in the app as well.


Oh. Okay. I'll give that a go. Thank you!


If I scroll all the way down the list I see High Valerian, Latin, then Gaelic and the option for "More" (Android). I can check the iPad in a couple of hours when I get home


I have it on mobile (iOS) although it is quite different than the other courses. It has no hearts and has a separate ''practice'' button.


Gaelic is NOT available on the Android app downloaded yesterday on my Galaxy Note 3. Is there perhaps an issue with such older phones and hence older versions of Android?

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