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  5. "أَيْن عُمَر؟"

"أَيْن عُمَر؟"

Translation:Where is Omar?

January 5, 2020



Does anyone else hear "ayne" or some sort of vowel in between the words? Would that be a TTS issue, or would that be normal in order to pronounce ع right after?


Yes. The first word is pronounced "ayna". There is just no vowel marker over the "nuun". The pronunciation has nothing do with the ع following it. The problem for me is that I had learned to pronounce the word "eye-nah" but here it is being pronounced "A-nah", like the name of the letter "A". I don't know if that is a TTS problem, or if the pronunciation I learned is dialect, or incorrect.


When i clicked the Arabic words the word was wrong


I always thought where is fayn not ayne in arabic?


The speaker sounds like they are barking.

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