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  5. "Tha mi sgìth."

"Tha mi sgìth."

Translation:I am tired.

January 5, 2020



This just makes me think of a song that I did at choir. Until recently it was the only Gaelic I knew. I just kind of felt like it would be nice to learn some Gaelic as it was lost in my family when my great grandmother (whose family originated on Mull) didn't teach it to my grandpa. It was still a big part of my family for a long time though, as my grandparents met at a Gaelic choir in Badenoch and my mum also sang in that choir as a teenager. Sorry about the fairly random rambling!


This one? I've been studying Scottish fiddle, and just realized that I could read this tune name! Though it has about a dozen other names -- Cutting Ferns is one. This is a lovely rendition, with the youngster singing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLmp76A0Hxc


It is very hard to see the accents over the letters. Is there a way to enlarge them for us folks with old eyes?


If you're on the web version, holding down the Ctrl key (in Windows--maybe the Cmd key if you're on a Mac?) and hitting the + key will enlarge the font. (Ctrl and - will decrease it, and Ctrl and zero will reset it back to default.)

In Firefox, you can also click the three lines in the top right corner (in Chrome, it's three dots arranged in a vertical line) and use the "Zoom" function there.


Hi Barbara, I'm genuinely not sure. Maybe you cab adjust it in the settings?


Oops my bad there was an accent difference a spot on my screen made me think they were both the same...apologies


Sgith was written twice as an option, same spelling, all lower case letters and I was marker as incorrect


On my version two of the optiond say sgith. I select one and it says " wrong the answer is sgith "!!

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