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  5. "An t-òrd mòr agam."

"An t-òrd mòr agam."

Translation:My big hammer.

January 5, 2020



Why is this translated as the possessive (agam)? Previously it seems to have been translated as 'I have'? Is there a distinction in the Gaelic or is it just that they kind of mean the same in English (I have/my)...


An t-òrd mòr agam - my big hammer

Tha an t-òrd mòr agam - I have the big hammer

Hope that’s helps! :)


But, if I wanna say "I have my big hammer", can I say "Tha an t-ord mor agam agam"? Or do i just say "Tha mo ord mor agam"?


In which cases would one use 'mo' for a possessive?


... and again, what is the 't-' doing in front of 'òrd', I wonder. Can I read the grammar somewhere? Tapadh leibh :)


Hey! There are grammar notes on the sticky post on this forum. They are available for all skills. This is due to how we form the article for masculine words in Gaelic. :)


what sticky post on what forum, please?


Haha yes thanks. That helps. Look forward to an occasion to use that one :) I think it is perhaps because of the options of words to select to answer in duo lingo that I got confused.


The audio sounds like "An p-òrd mòr agam" to me. Is anybody else hearing it that way?

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