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"Bidh iad ag iasgach a h-uile Disathairne."

Translation:They fish every Saturday.

January 6, 2020



Doesn't "They go fishing" translate "Bidh iad ag iasgach" better than "They fish"?


Had another look and no not really as there is another way to say they go fishing.


I think using the verb fish to deal with this useage of bidh as in I do something regularly is unhelpful. I play shinty every Monday is normal colloquial English. Saying I fish every Monday rather than I go fishing every Monday is stilted. Maybe change the exercise to use a better verb?


Why isn't "they go fishing every Saturday" correct? It is more idiomatic English than "they fish every Saturday".


Why isn't this future tense?


I think you're asking why the English version isn't in the future tense? "Bidh" is future, but also used for habitual actions, as in "Bidh mi ag obair a h-uile seachdain" for "I work every week", for example.


Thanks! I missed this in the notes the first time around.


I agree: "they go fishing" should be correct also, it sounds more natural in English.

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