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Psittacus Ebrius

Considering the significant role of parrots in the Latin course, I thought it would be fun for the Latin Language community here on Duolingo to write a continuous story (in Latin) about a drunk parrot. Each person will post 2-3 sentences at a time which in the end will create a full story! Here's some writing to get started.

Vesperi, psittacus ebrius ad forum it. Pistor psittacum videt.

January 6, 2020



Psittacus ebrius ei non placet. Pistor exclamat et piscem contorquet.

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Psittacus iratus in pavimentum piscem iacit

(the angry parrot throws the fish on the floor?)


Tum psittacus piscem miserum pulsat. Nunc pistor iratus est! (Then … hits the unhappy fish. Now the baker is angry!)


Iratus pistor psittacum ebrium interficere velit (the angry baker would lite to kill the angry parrot!) Quis psittacum ebrium salvet (who saves the angry parrot?)


...mustela callida psittacum miserum servat! Taberna pistoris exeunt et ad montes currunt! (...a clever weasel saves the unhappy parrot! They leave the baker's shop and run for the mountains!)


I might have this wrong: Noctu mustela cum psittacus ad suum domum advenit (At night the weasel arrives at her home with the parrot)


Looks pretty good except you need "cum psittaco" instead (ablative case with the preposition 'cum').

But continuing the story: Mustela ad cubiculum suum advenit et dormit. Noctu psittacus semper esurit. Psittacus dormire non potest -- in culina decem casei sunt, et tam bene olet! Quod agit psittacus?


Ebria sum - psittacos iratos captam ...

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