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Quomodo me habeo?

This question is asking yourself how are you doing? I see if you are greeting a friend, relative or being introduced to someone new : Quomodo te hables ? makes sense. Explain how this question makes sense when asking : How am I doing? Regards, Mo

January 6, 2020


  • Hi! crash Sorry! So how are you doing anyway?
  • How am I doing? How am I doing? You just come here uninvited, knock down a plant scaring all my cats, and then you just ask how I'm doing? How do you think I'm doing right now?


This is my first attempt at using the English translation of "Quomodo me habeo?" in a sentence, how am I doing so far?

Also: I have been talking for quite a while now, how am I doing on time?


except for the case widle mentioned (repeating the question you are asked by someone), it doesn't make sense to ask a question like this. It means 'How are you (doning)?' So usually you know it without asking yourself explicitly ;)


In American english usually the question asked is How are you doing ? Referring to your state of mind at the moment it is asked. If you use Quomodo me habeo it must be use to a question concerning an event or an action you where involved in. Cheers

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