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"Tha mi ann an oilthigh a-rithist."

Translation:I am in a university again.

January 6, 2020



What does this mean? Does it mean I am attending university as a student, or that I am visiting the campus for a short period? or could it mean both?


why not the more plausible "at a university"


I thought that too


Hmm that's what i kept typing but it kept telling me i was typing in english. Let's see what happens on the repeat


In every instance I have seen, this means that your answer has an unnoticed typo. If not could be a bug.


I kept getting that error too (I was getting oilthigh wrong, but not in a way that was in English). I tried all sorts of wrong answers to get it to fail the question / stop the bug

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As an Australian who has spent a lot of time in the UK, I would say I am AT university, not IN one. Is there a distinction in Gaelic?


Happened to me too, when firstly I misspelled oilthigh and then when I missed the dash in a-rithist. Ended up just putting in tha to get past.


I spelt everything correctly apart from oilthigh and it kept telling me I'd written in English rather than correcting my one slight mistake (I'd spelt it oilrigh), its so frustrating when it does that!


Was it a listening exercise? If not, then you ought to be writing in English :)


Why does this not translate as I am in THE university again?


That would be 'anns an oilthigh' :)

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