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Hindi is WEIRD

Ghaù??? (just started the course an there are LOTS OF LETTRES!!!!!)

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January 6, 2020



Yes, Hindi is weird.

So are most languages.

It's much less weird than many others.

It just has a different character set that you have to learn, and that's not terribly difficult either.


You should reach letters courses until lvl 5, it's long but now I can read almost all !! (The pronounciation is still a problem tho...)


The letters are going to be easy after some practising. Yes there are more letters but each letter has a different voice. I finished the course yesterday. And I always thought that trying to write and reading words are the most enjoying part :) I learned the letters from www.hindi-learning.com and I watched youtube videos that teaches Hindi alphabet. Because I couldn't understand the difference of the sounds. You're going to forget them first. But by studying lessons on duolingo, you'll memorise them all. We all have been there.


Hindi is less weird than Russian, i cannot explain why, it just feels like it's from another planet


I'm actually struck by the similarities with European languages. Sentence structure isn't too different, and every now and then surprisingly similar words are used for the same thing. Guess it's that whole "Indo-European language group" thing, since the eventual conquerors of much of the Eurasian landmass seem to have originated in what was known for a time as Scythia.

Now if you want something completely different from what you're used to, give Japanese a whirl. It's vastly more different from European languages than Hindi. Hebrew too, although I'm hesitant to recommend the Duo Hebrew course due to generally low quality compared to Hindi and Japanese.

Kind of a bummer that the Hindi course is relatively short. They've done a good job with it.


lol my emoji's dissapeared

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