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  5. "Chan eil losgann agad."

"Chan eil losgann agad."

Translation:You do not have a frog.

January 6, 2020



Why was this wrong? You do not have a puddock.


Just a suggestion, don't know if you can act on it here but to help with learning agam/agad Duo should show both you and I in the word bank so that you need to think more about the answer.


Hey, it’s a good suggestion but not much we can do as the word banks are algorithm generated. We can do thinks called form exercises often to contrast but unfortunately they don’t work for this as one can almost always substitute the other and still produce a grammatical sentence. Thanks though, it’s be a good suggestion if we had that control of the software itself.


So when do I use I or you?


Agam is from aig + mi: at me. Agad is from aig + thu: at you. Aig means at. See the tips and notes for this lesson at the link below. They don't show up on the phone app, but you can always get to them via your phone's browser: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/gd/Pets/tips-and-notes

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