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  5. "This dish is lovely."

"This dish is lovely."

Translation:Tha an soitheach seo àlainn.

January 6, 2020



Seo [x] - This is (a/an) [x]

Seo an/am/an t-/a' [x] - This is the [x]

Tha seo [x] - This is [x]

Tha an/am/an t-/a' [x] seo ... - This [x] is ...

Remember, Gaelic distinguishes between inherent state, and temporary state; "this is cold" = 'tha seo fuar' but "this is a fish" = '(Is) seo iasg'.


That really helps clear things up for me! Mòran taing, a charaid!


what determines that seo comes before àlainn, please?

  • Tha is the verb in this sentence (meaning, "is")
  • an soitheach seo means "this dish", so those three words can't be separated
  • àlainn means "lovely"

The verb comes first in Gaelic sentences, so 'tha' goes before 'an soitheach seo'. I hope that helps! :)


This helped me SOOO much! Tapadh leibh, Ollaimh!


How do we know when to use seo an "noun" or just say seo "noun"


To slightly further the above. The an in here kind of isn't meaning "the". Although of course, that is what an usually means.

An is a definite article. It is the dish as opposed to a dish. It's usage here is to make certain that the dish in question is the dish which is lovely, as opposed to some other hypothetical dish.

And by the way soitheach means dish in the same sense it does in English. It's both used as a bowl and as a word for a meal.


"It's used as a bowl and as a word for a meal."

Thanks I was just about to pose that very question! I also learnt soitheach first as "vessel" (as in ship) so it was interesting to see it here as dish, but then that is similar to English again (taking the meaning 'vessel')


Thank you. I think I read the tips before the practice so didn't sink in. Also nice to have all the tips in one place to refer to.


Hi Susan, first thig thag May help are these grammar notes for the course - https://www.duome.eu/tips/en/gd

Gaelic has various ways of forming the definite article and “an” is one of them.

  • Seo soitheach - this is a dish

  • Seo an soitheach - this is the dish


How come these tips don't exist for the app version, except for when posted as a link in the comments?


It's due to terrible software / process design by Duolingo. None of the volunteer-driven courses can post their tips to the app version.


So does this mean: an soitheach seo = this dish? an soitheach sin = that dish?

It's a challenging thing when you deal with articles :/


I was left a little confused by this — why is it "an soitheach", not "an t-soitheach"? I thought the rule was "an"+"t-" before "s"+vowel?


I completely ditzed out on this one "seo soitheach àlainn" Dona. Glè dona.


Extremely helpful, CI McInnes


I don't understand why the structure of these two sentences, in Gaelic, are not the same: This fridge is cold This plate is lovely

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