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  5. "Tha òrd aige."

"Tha òrd aige."

Translation:He has a hammer.

January 6, 2020



Bidh e a'bualadh 'sa mhadainn, bidh e a'bualadh 'san fheasgair...


Why "aige" and not "aig" ?


Aig is prepositional pronoun "at" Aige is "at him" when you are talking directly to someone.


"Aige" is just "at him" in all contexts - it's not related to whether you're talking directly to anyone or not, that would be the vocative case for nouns ("a Mhàiri", "a charaid", "a Sheumais": "a" + lenition +[slender ending if masculine] when you're talking directly to someone).

Some of the prepositional pronouns can be confusing - "air" ("on") is the plain preposition, but "on him" specifically is also just "air". @AuroreTsrd, "aig" does actually change in each of its prepositional pronoun forms.


I feel like I'm missing the point of the constant use of the word Òrd (hammer). Are the lessons making a point about word gender or something? Thanks


No sound, to hear what is said!

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