"Càise milis."

Translation:Sweet cheese.

January 6, 2020



I'm almost afraid to ask (in case it is related to sweet breads) but what is sweet cheese?


Just cheese that tastes sweet. It's not a specific cultural thing.


There are several sweet cheeses. Think ricotta (used to fill cannolis). White Stilton is a delicious sweet cheese and is often made with fruit in it (lemon and apricot are my favorites). Cranberry Wensleydale is also great. Mascarpone is used in all kinds of desserts. None of them are sweet like eating candy (although I can eat some white Stilton like candy), but they are subtly and delicately sweet, and are definitely different flavor-wise from traditional savory cheeses. Try some, you might get hooked!


Doesn't accept "a sweet cheese". If you were in a restaurant or shop you might ask for this. In any case, it is not wrong.


What in the world is sweet cheese?


"a sweet cheese" is not incorrect. Agree with the others

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