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  5. "He has the cold."

"He has the cold."

Translation:Tha an cnatan air.

January 6, 2020



Is the first n in cnatan actually pronounced like an r? Sounds like it...


Yes! It is like an r but a little more nasal. :)


Nasal. Cold. I see what you did there.


I would say "He has a cold". I have never heard "He has the cold" which sounds wrong to my ear


I would say it but we accept both.


No I would say ''He has the cold as in cold and flu.So I get that one ,I can also relate to cnatan as that is how you sound if you have ''the cold ..ie nasally .It,s the grammar I have difficulty with


In Ayrshire (west coast of Scotland) it's common to say "he has the cold."


Why does 'Tha an cnatan air esan' not work?


As described in the notes at https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd, esan is an emphatic pronoun. The notes also explain prepositional pronouns, which combine a preposition with personal pronouns into single words. What is not mentioned is that prepositional pronouns can also have emphatic forms. The table below uses the air as an example, as that is the preposition used in this sentence.

Pronoun Emphatic pronoun Prepositional pronoun for air Emphatic Prepositional Pronoun for air
mi mise orm ormsa
thu thusa ort ortsa
e esan air airsan
i ise oirre oirrese
sinn sinne oirnn oirnne
sibh sibhse oirbh oirbhse
iad iadsan orra orrasan


The pronoun and the preposition have to be merged in Gaelic. Air + e = air More about this in the grammar notes :) https://www.duome.eu/tips/en/gd

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