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Tips in the app?

It's really annoying to have to go to the web version to view the tips . They're super helpful and good fun to read! How do we get the great owl to give us mobile tips?

January 6, 2020



Hey! I wrote the tips and would love to see them available on the app. Maybe posting this on the Duolingo forum would work better though as Duo staff (who can implement things like this) are not going to see it here. Just learners and volunteers. Hopefully the day will come!


some languages have "tips" on the app but only the popular ones like Spanish and French and a few others


Hey the big difference with these languages is that they are the ones created by staff. :) At the moment I have no idea whether we are likely to get them in the app, or whether they would have to be slimmed down to do so. I hope not! I would love to have them on the app.

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