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Where is an ideal place to speak Hawaiian?

I am starting to study Hawaiian and was wondering where a good place to speak Hawaiian is? I know it is an endangered language, but is there any place that some people speak, even as a second tongue?

January 6, 2020



Your most likely bet is...Hawai'i....

Not a ton of people speak it fluently, though they do use certain loaner words a lot even when speaking in English. Hard to get around Hawai'i without hearing aloha, mahalo, keiki, etc.


If you live by a big enough American city, there is probably a Hawaiian restaurant or bar and a Hula club or studio.


I mean, Since its an endangered language, the only place you could find anyone who would speak it would be hawaii. As a hawaiin myself, i know there is not a big group of people on the main land who speak hawaiin. Your best bet is hawaii


The Lingosphere Discord server has a Hawaiian channel. It's not very active but I try to contribute sometimes :) https://discord.gg/9jgRjEH


Look for a Hawaiian Civic Club in your area, I found one local in Kansas City where a lot of relocated Hawaiians are members, and a lot of them, if not fluent speakers themselves, are definitely interested in speaking better 'olelo Hawai'i...great place to practice.


Does anyone know of a Hawaiian radio or tv station that we could listen to in order to improve our skills? Thank you.


There is a Hawaii News Now channel on Roku that streams news from O'ahu. 99% English, but commercials and some stories have snippets of 'ōlelo thrown in.


Either Moloka'i or Hawai'i island

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